ZOVA is therapeutic movement. It is designed to take you from pain and get you moving again.

We have the motto:

“Movement is Life.”

ZOVA has roots in chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and rehab with a movement focus.

We love integrating ideas from yoga, physical therapeutics, dance and kettlebells to help our clients move better.

Common activities that we work with are running, cycling, triathlons, dance, martial arts, strength training, CrossFit, basketball and soccer.

However, we are not just sports-based, we are movement-based.

Thus, we see patients of all ages from infants to octogenarians.

Every one of us needs to be able to move. That movement might be a shoulder or back, but it might be the lungs for breathing or the stomach for digestion.

We have appreciated the ideas of Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Gary Gray, Geoff Maitland, Brian Mulligan, Robin McKenzie, Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Craig Liebensen, Pete Egoscue, Don Harrison, Prague school of Rehab, Ida Rolf, Ido Portal, Nick Tumminello, Kelly Starrett, Naudi Augilar, Bret Contreras, Rafe Kelley, CrossFit, MovNat, Darkside Strength, Juggernaut Training Systems, Breaking Muscle, Mark Cheng, Mike Reinold, Charlie Weingroff, Eric Cressey, Katy Bowman, Tom Myers, Jean-Pierre Barral, BKS Iyengar and many others.

We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the heart of Green Country.

By the way, where does the name come from? The name ZOVA was created for the uniqueness and balance of what we do. It is simple, rolls off the tongue and the letters fit beautifully together.